Dream River

From Bill Callahan‘s performance at the Japan America Theatre in Los Angeles on November 14, 2013..


This image (and the one below) just resurfaced from a slough of other photos I took around the same time, and doesn’t even begin to capture the pure magic that unfolded throughout the evening. What it does show is that somehow, despite arriving to the theater later than anticipated due to rush hour traffic and having to initially find a seat toward the back, I still managed to land myself in the front row. In such moments, I feel as though the universe opens up, the stars align, and I am exactly where I need to be. Which is how I feel when I listen to Bill Callahan’s music: Exact. Fully present. Where I need to be. His voice rises and resonates from somewhere deep in the earth, cutting through the noise of the world – each lyric deliberate and portentous.

Everyone in the audience that night sat so still, completely transfixed when he sang and when he spoke, as if gathered around the warmth of a fire, listening close. It was perfect.


Equally as perfect is Bill Callahan’s latest album, Dream River, which I find myself listening to just as intently, time and time again..

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