Tom Brosseau


It is both lovely and gratifying to see a photo I took of my friend and favorite musician Tom Brosseau floating around out there in the company of his beautiful new album, North Dakota Impressions. His song Fit To Be Tied was recently featured on NPR Music’s Heavy Rotation, first on the list. You should check it out and give a listen here. The entire album is out now, available via iTunes and Crossbill Records.

Tom’s music is a treasure. Worth every penny and countless listens.

Two Steels

Daniel Lanois + Rocco DeLuca, November 7, 2015. What an absolute pleasure to be in the same room as these two, soaking it all in. Their 3+ hour performance was the highlight and the heart of last night’s late-night Sleepless event at The Music Center in downtown Los Angeles. As a longtime fan of Daniel Lanois, it was especially thrilling for me to see him perform live for the very first time.

Sleepless 5

Sleepless 3-2


Sleepless 4

Sleepless 2

Sleepless 7-2


Sleepless 8